Exception Real Estate Photography

With an in house photographer on stand by, I am able to provide higher quality, wide lens and high definition pictures to showcase your property the way that it should be marketed.

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Custom Floorplans

Using state of the art technology we are able to produce custom floorplans of your home and showcase the measurements ensuring our takeaway brochure makes your home stand out from others viewed by the Buyers.

floorPlan-img1 floorPlan-img1

3D Video tours and walkthroughs

Amazing 3D platform that creates an experience your Buyer will remember! Matterport is the way that I can showcase your home to bring in already interested Buyers as they feel they have already seen the home utilizing the 3D walk through and live modelling of your property. Users can switch views, rotate the home and do a real life viewing from the comfort of their couch.

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Social Media campaigns

Our innovative social media marketing campaigns can let our network have a peak of the latest market trends, sneak preview listings, and allow us to target market directly to your potential buyer. We also use strategic ads on different buy and sell sites throughout the area to ensure every potential buyer sees your home.

Full color customized Brochures

Specific to your property and customized for your neighborhood, these are left in every home for potential buyers to grab and go and leave your property with something that will stand out and make your home memorable.